The final day of the 2012 NFL Draft wrapped up the beginning of the new year of football and now it's off to OTA's and Training Camp.The day started early for football fans, as ESPN began broadcasting the selections at Noon, instead of 7 and 6 PM like the previous two days. Four rounds of non-stop selections of NFL-bound prospects commenced, making dreams come true for some athletes while breaking other athletes' hearts.

The Tennessee Titans capped off a solid draft today, picking up players from Clemson University, SMU, Rice University, and Oklahoma State. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers still hold my pick for best draft class of this year, by far.

Teams are now in the process of signing undrafted free agents. These undrafted players still have a shot at becoming a starter, though they aren't necessarily given the hype and fame like the draftees. Amazing athletes are still out there after the draft, including Chris Polk from Washington University, and Kellen Moore, from Boise State, who is the quarterback who has 50 wins, an NCAA record. It's a shame that these kids aren't picked in the draft, and we hear of kids who will probably end up fading quickly. That's alright though, as everyone gets their chance to shine, eventually.

My Titans picked up an Offensive Lineman from my Alma Mater, Stephen F. Austin State University. I was enthralled to hear that my favorite team picked up George Bias, a hefty man who, I'm sure, will have a legitimate shot at making things happen.

I hope all your teams fared well, and I'll happily be watching those same teams get beaten this year by my Titans.

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