3 Doors Down are looking to drop a "Greatest Hit's"  Package on November 19th.  If there was package was that was worth dropping a couple of bucks on, this is it.  The band will hit you with nine tracks that were uber-huge and three new tracks.  The track listing and more coming up next.


I have been fortunate to have a relationship with the band for a while now. One of our salesmen got and continues to be heavily involved with the "Better Life Foundation".  Each year we pony up a few items of memorabilia to help the charity.  The guys from 3 Doors Down are very actively involved and each year the hosts a killer benefit jam.  I was able to make it one that was truly one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life.  I am also very, very proud to be listed in the credits from the last studio c.d. "Time Of My Life".

Enough about me. The guys have also brought a few amazing shows to Lubbock. You tend to think only metal bands can 'kick ass', but live 3 Doors Down are incredible.  You can relieve some of those moments with the new greatest hits c.d. Here's the lineup.


3 Doors Down's 'Greatest Hits' Track Listing:

1. 'Kryptonite'
2. 'When I'm Gone'
3. 'Here Without You'
4. 'It's Not My Time'
5. 'Let Me Go'
6. 'Be Like That'
7. 'Loser'
8. 'Away From the Sun'
9. 'Duck and Run'
10. 'One Light'
11. 'There's a Life'
12. 'Goodbyes'