It's the end of an era: Slayer's career will come to an end following a farewell tour in 2018. Tom Araya, the band's menacing bassist and one of metal's most intense vocalists, has often expressed his distaste for life on the road. Jeff Hanneman's death also put the band's career in jeopardy, though enlisting Exodus' Gary Holt was universally hailed as the right choice, and of course, Holt is still in Exodus. But what does this mean for guitarist Kerry King, who has shouldered a bulk of the band's songwriting in recent years?

The guitarist's wife, Ayesha,  recently addressed King's musical future in an Instagram post declaring, "He says not to worry, you'll always get music from him," which certainly eased the still fresh sting of Slayer's announcement. Will he go solo? Form a supergroup? Enlist some low-profile musicians and start fresh? We've theorized what could come next.

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