These days teenagers toilet paper each others houses as a show of friendship. When I was a kid we did it just to be mean. Not, that I personally ever took part in such thing, I just heard about other kids doing it while I was cleaning the garages or mowing lawns for the elderly, or doing service projects collecting food and clothing for hairless buffalo in Alaska.

That of course was back when a four pack of Charmin was something like $.58 a package.

These days, if you want someone to know you don't like them why waste money (and toilet paper) to make your point; when you can just skip the paper and  send them the *hit.

Yes, I am serious, there is a company that will box up a nice fresh heaping pile of dung and mail it to anyone you ask them to...

You might want to be careful next time you make someone mad and they say they don't give a *hit, because it might already bein the mail.

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