Last week, Steven Tyler broke the news that Aerosmith were planning to say goodbye next year with plans to embark on their farewell tour. The rumors have existed for a decade that the seminal rock outfit could be hanging it up and the singer even stated during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show that guitarist Joe Perry was aware of the farewell run. The founding member has a differing stance, though he called the farewell run "a good possibility" when talking to Rolling Stone.

Tyler and Perry have held opposite claims on Aerosmith issues in the past, seemingly out of sync with one another and what direction to take the band in next. "I always hold my breath whenever Steven does an interview on his own," Perry began. Turning his attention to the idea of putting an end to Aerosmith's touring career, he remained noncommittal stating, "It could be the last, but it's really hard for me to imagine a last gig. Sorry."

The guitarist went on to note how the band continues to get better and even if it is billed as the final tour, he plays "every night like it's the last show anyway. Calling it that will definitely give a different flavor to this. …And who knows what's in the stars." Having a difficult time coming to grips with the idea, he added, "I don't know how it sits with me yet. To actually call it a 'final tour' and think I'm not going to look over and see Brad [Whitford] and see Steven out there. It's really hard for me to imagine that."

He likens the tour to writing an autobiography, where after completing the book there is still always more to add. "If [the farewell tour] was going to happen, we're closer to it than, say, any other time in our insane career," the guitarist admitted, adding, "It's a good possibility [the upcoming trek] could be that. I look at it more as a benchmark in our career. We've done just about everything else, so we might as well try this. We'll see what happens."

Steven Tyler is currently working on his solo career with his country debut, We're All Somebody From Somewhere, set for release July 15. The singer's solo tour launching on July 2. See a full list of dates here. Tyler's insistence on continuing his solo career led to rumors that Aerosmith would be seeking his replacement, but Perry shot down the idea in late May.

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