The theater club at North Bergen High School in New Jersey has become world famous thanks to their incredible adaptation of Ridley Scott’s film Alien. The play previously went viral thanks to just a few photos and clips from the school’s remarkable production, but now there’s a version of the entire play online. Watching it confirms that, yes, this thing is truly amazing.

This encore performance occurred on April 26 — AKA “Alien Day,” chosen in honor of the planet where the xenomorph is first discovered, LV-426 (hence 4/26) with a very special guest in attendance: Sigourney Weaver, star and face of the franchise for nearly 40 years. (Well, the human face. You wouldn’t want the other face of the franchise to show up as a special guest anyway; that face would eat everyone.) Weaver also met the cast backstage:

As a veteran of many high school plays, I remain in awe of these kids. This is so far beyond anything my drama club accomplished (though I remain insistent that my performance in Up the Down Staircase deserved Tony recognition in 1995). Fast-forward to 49 minutes into the video and watch how they do the chestburster sequence. That’s real art right there folks! I can’t wait to see what show North Bergen High puts on next.

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