Yep, it's a SNOW DAY! Take off your pants and go play outside. Up to three inches of snow is expected in a short time, in what could definitely be considered "near blizzard conditions". Tx-Dot is also suggesting that you NOT travel on I-27. If there's an upside to this, it shouldn't last long. More after the jump.

All area schools, Tech, SPC and more are closed today. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that if you're school is open today, then the people who decided to open are too stupid to teach.

Most of what will soon be referred to as "Snownasty 2013" will take place this morning.  Around noon the snow should start diminishing in most areas with most of it passing through by nine tonight.   Even freakier, we are supposed to be back up to 52 tomorrow (if all the snow on the ground allows it).  So, how are you going to spend your snow day?