All That Remains have a new album in their sights, with singer Phil Labonte offering a timeline to Hampton Roads, Va. radio station FM99 WNOR.

"We're looking to have a record out, if not first quarter of next year, then early part second quarter, so springtime," reveals Labonte during the chat.

For the band, this will be their first offering since 2018's Victim of the New Disease, which was the final album to feature longtime guitarist Oli Herbert. Just prior to the album's release, Herbert died, with the band turning to guitarist Jason Richardson to fill in for their first tours before eventually welcoming Richardson to the group on a full-time basis.

Labonte stated, "[Oli] was a big part of the writing process for so long, it's gonna definitely have some different elements, and it's gonna sound different. Mike [Martin] and I, we've always been a big part of the writing as well, so it's not gonna be completely different, but there's gonna be some noticeable changes, I'm sure. It's just gonna be weird. We haven't written a record without him."

The singer also revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has provided its own challenges, but they've adapted working remotely using ProTools software. Stay tuned to see what 2021 brings from the band.

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