Well hello, Dolly! We've heard country superstar Dolly Parton's "Jolene" covered many times over the years, but you've probably never heard a version like this. YouTube favorite Andy Rehfeldt is known for giving popular songs a metal makeover or taking some of the heaviness out of metal favorites and giving them a more comical spin. Here's he's managed to turn Dolly Parton's "Jolene" into the death metal makeover you never knew you wanted to hear.

Utilizing footage of Dolly Parton in all of her '70s pink bellbottomed glory, it starts off innocent enough with Parton's guitarist strumming on an acoustic guitar. But soon this simple backing is joined soaring guitar and heavy drum parts, with guest vocalist Sera Hatchett providing a more guttural approach to Parton's lyrics. Rehfeldt arranged, played and recorded the music for this death metal makeover.

It definitely gives the song a different tone, especially when Hatchett's vocals reach their scratchiest as she begs, "Please don't take my man." Chugging guitars, a steadily rapid drum beat and the pure brutality of the vocals should be enough for any woman that's sniffing around Dolly's man to know it's time to scamper away.

You can check out more of Andy Rehfeldt's work at his YouTube channel, and if you wish to donate for his future efforts, you can visit his Patreon site here.

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