Since TMZ is everywhere these days, kind of like cockroaches, they got some video of Anthony Kiedis, yes the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, brawling with hotel security.

This all happened outside the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia. Reportedly the security is there for The Rolling Stones who were about to leave the hotel. Either way Anthony and a female guest were staying at the hotel and trying to get back in. Someone tried to stop him and he wasn't having it.

What's funny is you can hear the camera people yelling at the security trying to tell them who Anthony is. They also point out that he's wearing Four Seasons slippers, so he's obviously a guest there.

I just think its crappy that people think they can shut down an entire hotel entrance to all guests because of a band staying there. Rolling Stones or not, other people stay and work at that hotel. You don't get to shut it down for any reason. Take them out the back if its that important. Way to stand up for your rights Anthony!

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