Stuck on what to name your new metal band? Don't worry, the artificial intelligence behind the Twitter account This Band Isn't Real has got you covered.

The account, which has gained over 7,000 followers thus far, posts A.I.-generated metal band names and album titles, even adding album art generated by BigSleep, according to the account's bio. BigSleep is an AI generator that can take any text and create an image to fit the prompt.

Honestly, the content is pretty convincing. Some of the most notable names include Coffinlord, Blooddeathbeast and Gorewolf. The album art is also pretty solid. Most feature creepy, sometimes unnervingly hyper-realistic visuals.

Artificial intelligence is not new to the music community. In April, the Lost Tapes of the 27 Club, a project by Over the Bridge aimed at helping those in the industry that struggle with mental illness, created an AI-aided, Nirvana-esque track called "Drowned in the Sun."

The program uses the Google AI Magenta program to analyze work from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and more to try to predict what a current song from them might sound like.

You can follow This Band Isn't Real on Twitter here and check out some of their best ideas below.

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