By now everyone has seen (or at least heard about) the videos of Justin Bieber jamming out as a toddler. I have said it here before the kid has talent. Yeah quote me on it i admit it I have seen the movie, it was not by choice though

These day every parent in the world seems to post video of their kid doing something that "they" think is the greatest thing ever. In most cases no one else seems nearly as impressed as the parents, nothing personal against anyone's kid, just stating my opinion.

Every now and then though I stumble across a video that makes me think ok this kid has got something and could potentially go somewhere with it when they are older.

On that note, check out this video of a little guy that is about one playing the drums. Most kids this age are learning to walk and this kid is practicing keeping perfect rhythm

I have not seen a little guy bang out a rhythm like this since G-Money was a toddler.

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