Callin' all y'all rock/rap memorabilia collectors! Super7 will be releasing Beastie Boys action figures from their most iconic music video, "Sabotage." The NYC hip-hop pioneers will be immortalized in action figure form in early September in Super7's 3.75" ReAction figure line.

The Beasties will be captured as the characters they played in the video for "Sabotage," which would be mustachioed 70's detectives with polyester suits, diagonally-striped ties and shades. Mike D is "The Chief," Ad-Rock is Vic Colfari AKA Bobby "The Rookie" and the late MCA is Cochese.

"Sabotage" was the first single off the Beastie Boys album Ill Communication, which came out late May in 1994. Ill Communication went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, in no small part because of the music video for "Sabotage."

Shot by Academy and Grammy Award winning director Spike Jonze, the "Sabotage" video is a parody of 70's cop shows like Hawaii Five-0 and Starsky and Hutch.  The video was played relentlessly on MTV at the time, and it was nominated in five categories at the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards.

Jonze also went on to produce and direct Beastie Boys Story in 2020, a live documentary film based on the Beastie Boys Book, a memoir from the band. Bringing it full circle, actress Amy Poehler reviewed the music video for "Sabotage" in Beastie Boys Book saying that "there would be no (movie) Anchorman, no (director) Wes Anderson, no (band) Lonely Island and no channel called Adult Swim if this video did not exist".

Pre-order the Beastie's figures here either individually ($20 apiece) or the whole set of 3 ($60) for release in a few weeks.

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