At The Summerland Tour this past Wednesday I ran into some good friends of mine and they brought this event to my attention that Red Zone Sports Bar will be having a Bike Night with proceeds going to school supplies for underprivileged children.

I'm very stoked to see our biker community coming together to support the community they live in along with their children.

I am not taking anything away from the other foundation's or anything like that but to see a group of individuals recognizing the need for school supplies for underprivileged children which is something that I even over look at times.We don't like to think about it but I know this is a problem here in our backyard that children aren't getting the school supplies they need. Some children don't have the same advantage as others and it isn't their fault and I am proud to see my biker brothers come together and set this up for the children.

Red Zone Sports Bar is located at 6624 I27 and there will be free food along some other really cool stuff as we support the children right here on the South Plains. It goes down Friday July 17 starting at 630pm and ending at 2am.

I hope that you will take some time and swing on out and see the men and women that support our community here in West Texas.