‘In My Blood,’ the latest single from Black Stone Cherry’s 2011 release ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,’ took on a whole new meaning in their new documentary style video for the song. The video chronicles the true life tale of a U.S. soldier’s journey from his deployment in Afghanistan to his return home, where he meets his son for the first time.

Black Stone Cherry drummer John Fred Young recently talked to Loudwire about the video, and why it was important to the band to show this true portrait of one of our soldiers. “We wanted to do something very emotional and touching, something that hadn’t been done before,” explains Young. “Our buddy Andrew Bennett followed a soldier named Randy Hirneisen from Germany to South Carolina.” The journey was documented by Bennett; its parts would become the video you can check out below.

Young set the scene for us, explaining the soldier’s return, “Randy hadn’t seen his new baby yet and he hadn’t seen his wife and family for a long time. Andrew went over and filmed him there in Germany and then when he flew into South Carolina when he met his newborn for the first time. It was really a cool experience for us to get to see that and it’s a privilege for us to get to meet the guy and his family.”

Black Stone Cherry had another surprise in store for Hirneisen, as well, “We went down to do an acoustic show for him, we filmed it, it was at a little theater in Georgia.” Young continued, “He had no idea we were going to be there, his wife and his family knew but it was really cool – it was a great opportunity for us to meet Randy and to thank him for letting Andrew and Matt follow him around and invade his privacy.”

Young said that the band really wanted to show people a side of the military that we aren’t all privy to on a daily basis, explaining, “It shows that side of the soldier’s life that really isn’t seen by a lot of people unless you’re in the military or have a loved one there.”

The video serves as a tribute to everyone in the military, those that continually put their lives on the line for the rest of us, thanks to Black Stone Cherry for such a fitting dedication to our fine men and women in uniform.

Check back soon for the rest of our interview with the Black Stone Cherry stickman and watch the video below.

Watch Black Stone Cherry’s ‘In My Blood’ Music Video

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