Black Veil Brides' forthcoming sixth album will be a concept record with a thematic, opera-like framework, according to frontman Andy Biersack. That means the glammy rockers are mostly abandoning the "duology" premise outlined in last year's two-song EP from the group, The Night.

That release comprised a pair of songs, "Saints of the Blood" and "The Vengeance," and follow-up "duologies" were initially promised by the band. However, after Biersack hit on an idea closer in scope to Black Veil Brides' 2013 rock opera, Wretched and Divine, the upcoming effort is now aimed more broadly.

Want to know more? Watch the interview with the Black Veil Brides bandleader down toward the bottom of this page. Hear the singer's ideas for the album concept at around 24:17 in the video player.

"We had planned to do the duologies," Biersack told Rock Sound this week, "and then I wrote a big opus concept record idea with drawings."

The musician, who also performs solo as Andy Black, continued, "I just sat at our kitchen table one night. And I was like, 'Oh, I have an idea that will be a big, giant, Wretched and Divine-style concept record.' And so we're about four songs into that right now."

But Black Veil Brides aren't entirely giving up on the idea of releasing two songs at a time. Biersack said the Ohio-born outfit will probably still dole out the concept album's tunes in sets of pairs.

"I believe that there'll be room to release two-song increments," the musician added. "But right now, I'm so invested just on a creative level into this new concept that we have. Designing character elements and costumes and all that kind of stuff. I haven't had this level of inspiration for something that we've done since probably Wretched and Divine."

That burst of creative vision extends to the band's recent performances, where the singer said he and his bandmates are experiencing a wave of sharpened enthusiasm that's reciprocated by the audience.

"There is huge excitement in the band," Biersack laid out. "We've never had more fun onstage; we've never enjoyed ourselves more."

Black Veil Brides' most recent full-length album, Vale, emerged in 2018. The following year, the band split with longtime bassist Ashley Purdy. Last month, Biersack talked to Loudwire about his favorite Batman villains.

Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack Talks to Rock Sound - April 13, 2020

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