Our brother in arms Bordy runs a cab dubbed the "Devils Cab" and he likes to call into the station and share stories about some of his experiences being a cab driver in Lubbock Texas.

Before we start will the joking around, drinking and driving is not cool and you shouldn't tempt fate and other people's lives.

If you are in need of a cab tonight or any night then give The Devils Cab a call at             806 407 6989 which is the direct line to Bordy.

Now in this story Bordy talks about picking up a few ladies that might of been indulging in some other extra curricular activities which is frowned upon as well. Anyways the ladies thought that showing some boob might get them a free ride, but this is the devils cab and boobs don't pay for the bills!

Checkout the audio of Bordy calling into the Open Bar Saturday Night and be safe tonight as always.