Foursquare and Mapbox teamed up to analyze each state's unique, highly specific food craving. And yep, they nailed Texas with breakfast tacos.

Every morning, it's the same question while I drive to work: Where can I get a potato and egg, sausage and egg or bean, cheese and bacon taco?

Those of you who are either transplants to the Lone Star State or have spent any length of time here then moved away know this feeling. In fact, those from other states will often wonder 'what the heck are you talking about?' when a Texan brings up their desire for a breakfast taco.

Here's how Foursquare arrived at its findings:

Foursquare’s data science team identified the singular tastes of all 50 states and D.C., using a mix of data sets (menus, tips, ratings, and more) and normalizing for size against other states. Then the editorial team reviewed the data and selected the winning taste that is most special and unique to each state. The percentage equals the affinity for that taste over the national average. Also included are the 50 best places in each state for that taste.

While they got Texas just right, I do question some of the others on the list -- namely potato wedges in Iowa. I lived in Iowa for almost two years and never found them to be a thing.

Other question marks for me: Chili verde in Utah (a state not really known for their Mexican food or proximity to the border); Sopapillas in New Mexico (you can find Sopapillas in just about any state, granted usually not done properly); and bottle service in Nevada.

Honestly, having lived in Nevada for 15 years, bottle service was reserved for out-of-towners looking to overpay for booze, NOT state residents!

Check out the other states on the interactive list, then feel free to comment below with your personal favorite food craving.