Bring Me the Horizon and the band's lead singer, Oli Sykes, have been quite active on TikTok as of late. On Sunday (June 21), that activity culminated in Sykes sharing a quick tease of a heavy new song that contains a very metal sounding section with snarling lead vocals.

Could the group be plotting something of a return to the deathcore style that first put them on the map in the 2000s? Or is the song a product of something else, perhaps an upcoming collaboration featuring Sykes? Either way, the singer asked users of the video-sharing social network if the screamy snippet was too crazy.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Yo, is this like, too crazy?" Sykes implores before playing the brief song clip. The excerpt's opening strains come off like a seemingly conventional pop-rock number, complete with an electric guitar drenched in fuzzy distortion and a clean, poppy singing part.

From there, however, the song takes a drastic turn, making a quick change into a fast-paced measure that sounds akin to the kind of metal that influenced Bring Me the Horizon's early style. Driven by blast beat drums and some menacing vocal growls, just a few seconds of the number is all listeners got the chance to hear.

Be that as it may, it looks like the teaser may not come from a BMTH track but indeed a team-up between Sykes and the rapper Poorstacy, who fans said also shared the clip on his Instagram Story this week.

Last year's Post Human: Survival Horror EP found Bring Me the Horizon mixing the heavy back into their more accessible current sound. Will the next installment be even heavier? There are still three EPs left to go in the series the group had initially aimed to complete within a year. However, those plans have since relaxed, and Sykes in April said he wanted each upcoming Post Human EP to explore entirely different genres from each other.

In the meantime, the singer's kept plenty busy. Last week, Sykes guested on Olivia O'Brien's "No More Friends." Before that, Bring Me the Horizon's TikTok cache got an extra boost when they remixed their 2013 single "Can You Feel My Heart" (a song that had previously gained much traction on TikTok) with Jeris Jonson, a start influencer on the platform.

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