For the sake of Texoma's image, let's hope this story doesn't go national.

Riley Sage Weiss
Riley Sage Weiss

17-year-old Riley Sage Weiss was arrested after she allegedly stole marijuana she offered to buy from a couple.

But how could the police know all this went down? Surely no one would be stupid enough to report the theft of an illegal substance, right? Au contraire.

Weiss reportedly contacted the genius couple on Facebook and offered to buy half an ounce of marijuana for $100. When the brainiacs arrived at Weiss' home, Weiss asked the woman to accompany her to her room so she could get the money. Once in the room, Weiss allegedly grabbed a shotgun from under the bed and ordered the couple to get out.

The couple then notified the police of the theft. Weiss was charged with aggravated robbery. No word on if the couple were charged with anything yet.

via KFDX

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