Sunday's are all about indulgence around our house. First we start the day off with pancakes and bacon...lots and lots of bacon...and from there the day goes down hill.

Another favorite treat on Sunday's is homemade peanut butter cookies... For lunch and snacks right up until dinner time, commonly referred to as meat fest.

I always look forward to "cheat day" because it's the only day of the week I don't have to eat grilled chicken and veggies and can enjoy some of my favorite foods, bacon, sausage, steak, and peanut butter cookies until I can't move.

Talk about total bliss...

Today, I snuck off to Sonic and noticed they have added a few new shakes to their summer shake line up.One of them is a peanut butter and bacon shake, and at only 1,720 calories, calories, 118 grams of fat,128 grams of sugar, and  55 grams of saturated fat, I can have three in one day and still probably have fewer fat, calories and sugar than I normally do now on Sunday's.

I wonder if I can talk anyone into joining me for one this weekend.