What on earth is going on here?

A crazy video is circulating the internet of a Florida flea market carnival employee losing their cool on a woman and her child during a Ferris wheel ride.

It's not exactly clear what they were arguing about. The woman is seen getting off the ride and yelling at the man while she pulls her children out of their ride cart. He lunges at the woman and starts hitting her while her small children stand mere inches away before he is overtaken by a crowd of people coming to her rescue.

Justice was visibly served.

Another video shows the worker acting aggressively toward other people before the incident erupted. Whatever happened, it wasn't appropriate and I can only imagine the man will not be running carnival rides anytime soon. He even appears to be arguing with other employees.

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If you don't have patience for guests, especially children, you certainly don't belong working at a place specifically designed for children and families. What's more, people could have been seriously injured by that him banging the Ferris wheel's carts around the way he did.

I'm just sure where this employee is now. Probably sitting in jail, licking his wounds, having no idea just exactly how famous he has become on the internet for being an insufferable douche bag. I hope he enjoys powdered milk, ramen noodles and his new bunkmate with a suspicious face tattoo and a sketchy past.

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