Will Ferrell is just plain funny.  I could watch him do pretty much anything (including those beer commercials).  Now he's coming out with a movie that plays like a Mexican Telenovela with even cheaper effects.  It looks funnier, primarily because you have such a goofy bastard playing it straight.  The question is, will it work for 90 minutes or will it be like a long, drawn out, Saturday Night Live sketch.  Myself, I'm betting on comedy classic.  Check out the full length trailer after the jump.


What's especially interesting about this movie is that Will Ferrell got two of the biggest stars in Mexico to play along side him, so they're "in" on the joke. He also has an UBER-HOT Mexican actress by the name of Genesis Rodriguez by his side (La Hubba Hubba!) He puts these Mexican "A List" actors in classic situations and let's it rip.  Check out the full length trailer here:

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