When it comes to throwing down acoustically some bands can pull it off and other bands stay very far away from these kinds of performances.

What separates a band from others is not just a stage presence or how hard they can throw down live on stage, but when you can strip down a song and take away all the bells and whistles and give every once of energy to give a killer acoustic performance. Here are my Top 3 in no particular order.

Recorded in 1996 Alice In chains gave one of the best performances that MTV unplugged had ever seen. It was also one of the last performances lead vocalist Layne Staley would have with Alice In Chains.

Filmed in 1993 Nirvana performed on MTV Unplugged and Kurt Cobain silenced all critics with amazing vocals and one of best acoustic performances we had ever seen.

Eric Clapton rounds my Top 3 filmed in 1992, is this the standard when it comes to an acoustic performance? I think so.