Yes, this is real. Cheech & Chong, America's funniest comedy duo ever, are going to perform live at the Inn of the Mountain Gods. Better stock up now! On snacks, I mean...

Many of us thought this day would never happen. There was a time that these two weren't talking anymore and we thought the dream was over. But those nice dreams have come back to life and will be live an in person March 16th, 2018. Plus, tickets are $29 for the cheap seats and only $49 for the good ones! That's worth the trip alone. (Golden Tickets are $89 if you're a big spender.)

Grab your tickets at the official Facebook event page and make sure you're stocked for the funniest night of your life since the 70s. And when I say stocked, I mean with money for the casino. (Seriously, transporting cannabis across state lines is a crime. And it's medicinally legal in New Mexico anyway. Just ask your doctor. *Wink, wink.*)

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