If you've been on social media recently, you've probably seen posts about BiteLabs, a company that's making salami out of celebrities. For real.

Using a mix of lab-grown celebrity and animal tissue, they are making everything from a James Franco/Venison mix with peppercorns to a Kanye/ Pork with paprika. If you are famous, BiteLab is taking volunteers to make even more celebrity salami varieties.

So of course I ran to The RockShow co-host Chrissy with the extremely important question: which rock stars would you eat? Here are our answers:

Chrissy: Chino from Deftones. I'd eat his salami even though he got on his tour bus and left Jake's Backroom when I was the last person in line to have my White Pony album signed. I think I like the chase, kinda like following a hot dog tied to a string. Must be my kink.

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Renee: Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. He's kinda beefy and he just looks like he tastes great. Of course, this answer has nothing to do with how desperately in love I am with him and his perfect angel voice. How having a piece of him inside of me would be transcendent.

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Chrissy: Billy Idol. I wouldn't mind a charcuterie board full of him, circa 1985. More, more, more salami, please.

Renee: Lenny Kravitz. He's been advertising his high-quality, generous salami for years. I already have a commemorative koozie.

Renee Raven
Renee Raven

Chrissy: David Bowie in The Labyrinth is probably how I realized I was straight. That salami was ever so present in those tight pants.

Renee: Joan Jett. She still looks incredible after decades of touring. I'd have her with white cheddar and a nice red ale.

If you're interested in eating your favorite celebrity, you can learn more at BiteLabs.

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