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Our stations are in no way affiliated with 96.9 The Eagle KKGL, but they still absolutely have a place in my heart.

Classic Rock is a format whose music may be from the past, but that doesn't mean the station should stay in an antiquated mentality. 96.9 The Eagle showed their support for Pride Month with a Facebook banner image showing the pride flag, along with their logo:

I'm living for the clap-back on the image:

We’ve gotten so many mean, rude and vulgar messages about our pride flag for June we’re keeping it up for another month. Keep it up and maybe we’ll go all year.

Good for them. They are perfectly embodying the spirit of rock 'n' roll: loving the outsider, eschewing the status quo and giving a big middle finger to anyone left on the wrong side of history.

This should be common knowledge, but let me reiterate: much of the rock music that was popular and enduring enough to make it into a classic format was created by queer people.

Freddie Mercury. Elton John. Rob Halford. George Michael. Likely Janis Joplin. Likely David Bowie. Likely Joan Jett. The list goes on and on. Even if your favorite artist isn't queer, they're likely an outsider or another ilk. It isn't common for the "normal" kid to grow up into rock stardom.

Nowadays, it's common for corporate entities to support Pride during Pride Month, and it does seem like detractors are either figuring it out or at least getting quieter with their hate. Sadly, this corporate pride tends to dissipate as soon as Pride Month is over, but that isn't happening yet for 96.9 The Eagle. I'm proud of them for their commitment and their incredible sass. Love Always Wins.


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