Last night (Oct. 9), the American Music Awards took place. Much like other mainstream award shows, rock music took a backseat to the spotlight. And fuel was thrown on the fire when rap group Migos took home the award for the Favorite Duo/Group - Pop/Rock category.

SiriusXM's Eddie Trunk tweeted a link to our story this morning in frustration, commenting, "So sick and tired of rock music being treated so cluelessly and disrespectfully by EVERY mainstream awards show. It’s sickening, disgusting and offensive. @AMAs⁩ took it to new lows last night  American Pop & Hip Hop Awards. Fucking joke."

Producer Jay Ruston - who has worked with everyone from Anthrax to Steel Panther - later quoted Trunk's tweet and echoed his sentiment. "I guess this is why we have Loudwire, Metal Hammer and Classic Rock award shows to properly acknowledge rock and metal artists."

A fan then replied to Ruston, asking, "I’m not in the industry, just a fan, but why is this? Why are rock and metal ignored? Why aren’t they played more on the network stations? I know it has something to do with money, but money can be made. There is a HUGE market for GOOD MUSIC!"

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor retweeted Ruston's tweet and then responded to the fan, explaining why the genres are in the place they are. "They know it makes money. But to them it’s dirty money. To them, real rock/metal is: neanderthal, low-brow, common. Too much attitude. They can’t control us. They can’t use us to sell Pepsi. So fuck the industry. They’ll burn soon anyway... they always do."

A fan pointed out that Taylor is a Grammy recipient, to which he replied, "We got one back when there were actual rock/metal bands nominated and winning. But that was only one of two categories they’ve allowed us to have. Now they’ve whittled us down to one category. And nominate bands/acts that have no business in it, sometimes."

What do you think about the state of rock and metal? Is it unhealthy? Or simply being ignored by the powers that be? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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