A Washington man is in hot water after police found a 400-pound playground slide attached to his kid's bunkbed.

Props for creativity. Slaps for stupidity.

Thirty-year-old Dustin Bushnell of Burbank used a saw to cut the massive slide off of the playground equipment back in December and took it home to make his kid's room extra badass. I mean, a slide attached to your bunkbed? I always wanted that. Bushnell didn't go about it the right way, but it looks like his heart was in a good place at least.

Or maybe not.

Apparently, Bushnell has some pretty sticky fingers and the slide wasn't the only thing he was guilty of stealing. Police actually discovered the slide when they were raiding his home in search of catalytic converters that were stolen right off of parked cars. Not cool.

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Look, man, you get props for creativity and hooking your kid up with a sweet slide. In fact, you probably brought home the biggest, coolest slide a kid has ever had in their bedroom. I mean, it weighs friggin' 400 pounds. I'm sure it was awesome.

But you didn't have to steal it. That's super lame, and you would have been caught eventually no matter what.

If I went to a slumber party and someone had a slide from the park right in their bedroom, I don't think I'd be able to keep that a secret from my mom. Kids suck at keeping secrets. I bet your kid felt pretty cool while it lasted, but now you're sitting in jail without them. Not quite worth it.

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