With The Gigantour right around the corner David Draiman of Device and Disturbed called in to The Wrecking Yard with Rooster to talk about everything from why he missed The FMX Big Purple Party, to living in Austin, producing the new Trivium album and his family life.

This is a great honest interview with one of the greatest front men to pick up a microphone.David Draiman is a stand up bro in a world of sit down "Rock Stars" which is very cool.


Device will be a part of The Gigantour and will hit the stage at 7pm and of course time could change as the day goes on.

I loved doing this interview and what was really surprising is that David Draiman talks about why he missed the last show in Lubbock. A rookie monitor engineer basically didn't know what he was doing and David Draiman couldn't hear himself on stage and it caused damage that Device had to cancel a few shows.

But Device is back and David Draiman is ready to throwdown and give Lubbock and epic performance.

Check out the audio and get your horns up for Device in Lubbock this Saturday for The Gigantour Tour.