If you aren't familiar with The Revolver Golden Gods Awards, it's basically a award show strictly for everything that is metal and rock and roll. They even have a Black Carpet for the walkway and Dee Snider interviews Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and it gets a little weird.

To set this video up Dee Snider is on the black carpet interviewing different rock stars and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein formerly of Misfits checks in with girlfriend Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy.

When Dee Snider says " You will be introducing The Pretty Reckless" Doyle had no idea that he was doing that and when Dee asks him if he was a fan of The Pretty Reckless Doyle says "I have never heard of them" and Dee is trying to save it by explaining a little bit on who they are. And then it gets a little more weird when Doyle introduces Alissa White-Gluz to Dee Snider and Dee says "Oh wait I thought you were a date" and it just awkward. And in immediately Dee Snider changes the subject and mentions who Marilyn Manson was walking down the black carpet with.

Someone from The Revolver Golden Gods didn't do their homework to let Doyle know who The Pretty Reckless are and someone didn't give Dee Snider a heads up that the lead singer of Arch Enemy Alissa White-Gluz will be with Doyle.

Checkout the video and watch all the way through the Manson story is pretty funny and great job to Dee Snider for saving this interview!