Guitarist Dino Cazares has spoken of new Fear Factory music being in the works, with a GoFundMe campaign launched not long after. Since then, singer Burton C. Bell issued a statement that he had no part, nor was benefitting from the campaign, with Cazares then following with more of an explanation.

"Let me be clear. I am not part of, nor am I benefitting from any GoFundMe campaign," stated Bell, with the hashtag #fearfactory added as well. He also told the Aftershocks Podcast that the band had finished and delivered a new Fear Factory record in 2017, but was not sure what their label Nuclear Blast planned to release. He added that his current focus was on his other group, Ascension of the Watchers.

With Bell's comments gaining attention, Cazares issued his own statement about the GoFundMe campaign, stating, "This is to address some of the controversy regarding the Fear Factory GoFundMe page. It is not a scam. All donations go toward covering newly incurred production costs and not anyone's personal legal fees."

He added, "On the previous version of the album recording, which was completed in 2017, it had programmed drums. I decided to not make that mistake again and had Mike Heller perform live drums on the record. I later realized I needed to re-track guitars and bass to fit better with the live drums. I also decided to add new keyboards from Rhys Fulber and a few other keyboardists. Damien Rainaud took over production duties for all this, and Andy Sneap is also handling the mixing and mastering. They all did an amazing job on Genexus, and I decided to bring them back for the new album. Burton's lead vocals, which were also recorded in full in 2017, will remain on the new version of the album."

The guitarist concludes, "Fear Factory has exceeded its limit in borrowing money from the record company to complete the new version of the album. For this reason, and this reason only, a decision was made to ask for outside donations."

Later, while answering fan questions on Twitter, Cazares was asked about Bell stating, "I have the up most respect and love for the guy."

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