Last night we threw it down in The Backroom at Jake's 50th and Slide and it was a great show. After the show my bro Corbin and Jimbo Wallace who is the bass player for The Rev gave me a pretty gnarley compliment about one of my tattoos.

I have been a fan of rock-a-billy since I can remember. My Dad loved The Stray Cats and I can remember jamming out with my ol' man several times to The Stray Cats. I have always wanted to get a Stray Cat Tattoo and some years back I went to Abilene to Sacred Tattoo and got my Stray Cat tattoo from Brad and I have had several compliments on it. But last night seriously took the cake when I was talking with Jimbo.

Myself, Corbin and Jimbo were standing around talking about rock and roll and tattoos when I brought up my Stray Cat Tattoo. Jimbo was really impressed not only telling a few Stray Cat stories but saying "I have been around the world and have seen hundreds of Stray Cat tattoo's and yours is the nicest I have ever seen." I was literally blown away with this compliment.

So I ask, do you have a tattoo that is a step or 2 above everybody else's?



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