I am not really sure that this is a bad habit but it is something that some people don't understand. When it comes to the little things in life and I enjoy, I like to scratch lottery tickets.

I like going to a casino every once in a while but I have always loved to scratch tickets. It started way back when I first moved to Texas and was working at a truck stop where my step dad and uncle would hang out with me and they would scratch tickets. My Uncle Don who lived in the trailer by my Papa also loved to scratch tickets.

Uncle Don and I would jump in his original 1970 Cadillac and drive down FM 41 to Bernard's Liquor Store and we would sit and eat BBQ, smoke cigarettes and scratch lotter tickets. I have always had pretty good luck with coming across some decent size winners. The biggest one I have ever scratched was a $1500 but I'm still trying to find the big one!

To all the scratchers out there good luck and to those that roll their eyes at us, I leave you with this, the photo I took of the lottery tickets, I scratched off a $50 winner.


rooster's pix
rooster's pix



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