Paulo Banchero might be fresh on the minds of some Red Raider basketball fans after losing to the Duke Blue Devils in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament in March. Banchero has since declared for the NBA Draft and is working toward that goal. To have a little fun and blow off some steam amidst his draft training, Banchero attended an F1 Racing event in Miami, Florida this weekend.

One reporter from Sky Sports was dead-set on getting an interview with Banchero, but only because he thought he'd be interviewing Patrick Mahomes. They look alike, I guess? Do they have similar hair cuts? Approximately.

The reporter first tries to grab Banchero by yelling, "Patrick!" but of course Paolo doesn't respond; his name isn't Patrick. The reporter then quips, "I don't know if he can hear me up there," referencing Banchero's 6'10" stature.

The reporter finally gets a hold of him and hilarity ensues:

Finally, the reporter is told in his earpiece that Banchero is not Patrick Mahomes, so mid-interview he has to ask him for his name. Brutal.

Banchero responded to the viral video by saying he was just "vibing." Of course you are, Paulo -- you're about to be a top-three pick in the NBA draft.

Mahomes on the other hand was in absolute disbelief that he was confused with Banchero, saying, "Bro ain't no way" with a series of laughing-so-hard-you-cry emojis.

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