Over the past 2 albums, Volbeat have had some very cool collaborations. "Evelyn" featuring Barney from Napalm Death, "7 Shots" featuring Mille Petrozza Of Kreator and Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. Well Volbeat have finally teamed up with King Diamond and they offer a free download of "Room 24" which you can get here.

Lead vocalist of Michael Poulsen has been a huge fan of King Diamond and is not ashamed to say that King Diamond is a major influence in his career. Volbeat and King Diamond are offering a free download of "Room 24" that you can grab here.


Everyone knows that I went to see Volbeat in Chicago at The House Of Blues. I got to interview drummer Jon Larsen and former guitarist Thomas Bredahl. What makes this interview great is drummer Jon Larsen touches loosely on a collaboration with King Diamond, when I asked how cool was it to work with Michael Deener of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. You can check out the audio here.

We love Volbeat and we can't get enough of them. I can't wait to get them back in Lubbock very soon, so grab the free download and let me know what you think of "Room 24" featuring King Diamond.