Today, January 26, 2021, Duncan Hines released a brand-new baking set featuring America's sweetheart and country music icon Dolly Parton that's seriously too cute to handle.

We all love Dolly Parton and sweet treats. The combination is truly a match made in heaven and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

According to the Duncan Hines website, the new baking collection was so popular that it completely sold out instantly. You can sign up via a link on the website for updates on when they will have more of them in stock. You'll also be able to find all of the Dolly Parton line of products on store shelves soon, which include banana cake mix, coconut cake mix, buttercream frosting, and chocolate frosting.

The website says they will all be headed to your favorite retailers soon. I shall be waiting. I already threw my name on the list to be notified. I ain't messin' around.

Dolly Parton has influenced the globe with her incredible voice, charming personality, down-home sense of humor, and her humble, hardworking spirit for decades. Soon enough, you'll be able to make some of her favorite treats at your home while you jam some "Jolene." I love it!

If you happen to get a hold of these products, please snag some photos and let us know how they taste! I can only imagine they will be just as sweet as Dolly. I'm pretty much convinced she could do no wrong.

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