Hurricane Irene has flooded much of the east coast, but that doesn't stop the American military from trying to reach people in need. Sometimes it should at least make them consider another route though. In Manville, New Jersey 2 army trucks attempt to forge a flooded street. Deep water isn't anything new to these guys or their trucks, but when it's over the roof of your truck and you can't see out the front windshield maybe it's too deep and you should try going around.

One thing that really ticks me off though is the idiot filming who keeps calling them stupid. First off you just stand there filming and don't try to even offer help, second at least they are trying to help others and got stuck, and third did this moron ever consider that since they are in the army someone higher up gave them orders to travel this route thinking is wasn't that deep?

Those trucks can go under water up to their roof because their exhaust sticks up over the truck so maybe a captain or something thought the water was only 6 feet deep and they would have been fine, but it was 7 and they got flooded. Shut up a$$hole.