This afternoon about 12:45 I got a call from my daughter who had been in a wreck.  Fortunately she is fine, her car is pretty much totaled.  She was on the Loop 289 access road between Indiana and heading towards Quaker.  She was in the center lane when a person who was slightly ahead of her on her right decided to merge into her lane.  My daughter reacted by swerving over into the next lane (a little too hard) and hitting the side rail.

I don't know if the person in that white car wasn't paying attention, they may have been on the phone, they may have not checked their blind spot properly, or they may have been eating a Big Mac.  All I know is if I ran somebody off the road and heard screeching tires and a crash into a guard rail, I'd stop and at least try to help.  It seems to me that it is only human to make sure you haven't killed someone.  Instead the car went on its merry way sure to drive like an asshole another day.

If this scenario seems familiar to you, consider today to be your lucky day.  The girl you could have killed today's dad (me) was just five minutes away.  I would still be stomping your head into a pile of unrecognizable jelly.  I have a low tolerance right now for people who aren't paying attention to their driving.  To the driver=understand that you (and one of your victims) have lived to get behind the wheel another day.  Also understand that next time you may not be so lucky'; You just might run into another mean son of a bitch dad who is having a real, real, bad week.

P.S.  I wish I would have got the name of the two officers who responded to the crash.  These guys were class acts (they also said the evidence supported my daughters story)

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