Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares says he was the victim of multiple racist messages after criticizing Donald Trump in a recent interview. After calling Trump a “kook” and joking Cazares would move to Australia if Trump was elected, he apparently was attacked online with anti-Hispanic messages such as, “Leave. Donald Trump is gonna build a wall so your people won't come into America.”

Like many rock and metal musicians, Cazares was asked about the upcoming election during an interview. While speaking with Australian outlet Sticks For Stones, Cazares had some harsh words for Donald Trump. "We have a kook running for president; we have Donald Trump,” Cazares said. “If Donald Trump actually gets elected, I'm moving to Australia. If he is elected president, we're gonna have a lot of issues in America… [Trump] doesn't like Muslims, he doesn't like Mexicans, and he doesn't like the foreigners. Blah blah blah blah… It's just gonna cause a war. It's gonna cause a lot of tension between Americans and other parts of the [world]. It's gonna make it worse."

In a more recent interview with I Probably Hate Your Band, Cazares opened up about the hateful messages sent to him. “I was extremely surprised at how many racist comments I was reading because I’m of Mexican descent,” Cazares said. “You know, I’m an American, I was born in the United States, I pay taxes just like everybody else and a lot of people were saying, ‘Leave, Donald Trump is gonna build a wall so your people won’t come into America.’ A lot of people were saying, ‘Get the f— out of here, beaner.’ Beaner is a bad word, a racial word to use against Hispanics.”

Dino added, “Racism really seems to be coming out of the woodwork now, and you have people like Donald Trump who are provoking that. I’m not saying that he is saying it straight up, but he is, pretty much, provoking it.”

Fear Factory will begin a string of U.S. tour dates on March 22 where the band will perform Demanufacture in its entirety.

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