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A Texas financial advisor was recently exposed as the "Racist of the Day" for comments she allegedly made in a virtual meeting:

i wanted to tell you i specifically said no blacks. I’m not a prejudice person, but our clients are 90% white and i need to cater to them…so that interview was a complete waste of my time…so please don’t second guess me or go against what i ask…listen to me and give me what i ask for please.

The screenshot was supposedly sent to TikToker @auntkaren0. Watch the video below:

I'm fairly certain you don't get to say you are not a "prejudice" [sic] person in the same breath as you say "no blacks." I also just love (and by love, I mean detest) the assumption this woman is allegedly making -- that because her clients are white, they couldn't possibly trust a black financial advisor.

I happen to be white, and I'll trust the person with a proven track record of making their clients money because all money isn't white or black, but rather, green.

Eileen Cure of Nederland, Texas, owner of Cure & Associates, has since been "fired" from the affiliate company LPL Financial because they apparently have the sense God gave a goat:

Cure was an affiliated advisor for LPL Financial, which is the largest independent broker-dealer in the US. She was fired after the video surfaced.

The company said in a statement that it investigated the claims before making the decision to cut the strings.

Cure claims the screenshot was "false and defamatory," but also, according to the TikToker who exposed her, claimed it was out of context, so I'm left pretty suspicious. If it's not real, how can it be out of context?

Cure apparently also has a meeting with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to get TikTok shut down, will not give a good reference to any employee who quit over this fiasco, and... man oh man, you just can't make this stuff up. Additionally, it appears that Cure's husband has threatened to kill the TikToker who exposed her. Cure is suing for defamation because she says the video incited violence towards her.

I know, it's a lot, but if you want to keep travelling down the rabbit hole, you can follow auntkaren0 on TikTok and I'll let you decide if the statement is real, out of context or just straight-up despicably and stupidly racist.

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