Today would have been Dimebag's 46 birthday.  We're celebrating with "Dimetime" every hour at the top of the hour.  Join us for great tracks from Pantera and Damageplan to kick off each hour, and to add a little jet propulsion to every 30 Minute Megaset.  More after the jump.


I remember sitting across the control board from Dimebag when Damageplan came to visit.  Dime saw one of the music lists for our metal show that had "Primary Pantera" on it.  Dime, on the spot, insisted we change it to "The Daily Damage".   We then decided to cover both Pantera and Damageplan by just calling the feature "Dime-Time".  You can still catch "DimeTime" as part of "Everything Goes Black" every Sunday night, and make sure you enjoy it every August 20th on Dime's birthday here on FMX.

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