Gary Busey will be celebrating his birthday today and one of my favorite Gary Busey moments involves Gary Busey and a bear he once wrestled.

Gary Busey has been acting since 1968 and has had several memorable roles in movies. It was on December 4th 1988 when he wrecked his motorcycle and suffered brain damage but he still returned to Hollywood to act.

Gary Busey was also apart of Celebrity Rehab along with other Realty shows.

My favorite Gary Busey interviews is when he went to see David Letterman and told the story how he wrestled a bear once. If you are familiar with the female fronted metal band Iwrestledabearonce, they have given Gary Busey credit to naming their band after seeing a interview with Gary Busey.

If you want to jump to the part of the interview where Gary Busey talks about wrestling a bear it is at the 5 min 15 sec mark.

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