Some feel this puts the squeeze on the state as the loss of red light cameras revenue will cut $28 million in funding by the time it's all over with according to Much of the funding from red light cameras went to some trauma centers and city governments.

Lawmakers in Texas who opposed the cameras relied on the argument that the cameras are unconstitutional by forcing the burden of proof on the accused. Opposite of the whole 'innocent until proved guilty' idea which is constantly swept under the rug these days. Many cities also report red light cameras don't make much of a difference in stopping drivers from running red lights.

Residents who live in areas with red light cameras reported that some of them feel safer knowing the constant surveillance can help keep some areas safer for pedestrians.

With Abbott's signature, the cameras will now be phased out around the state. A handful of cities signed such awful contracts with these red light providers that even a bill from the Governor can't get them out of their current 'deal' early. Once the contract expires in a handful of Texas towns, they will also be able to phase out their cameras.

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