I thought about not even posting this because it is so ridiculous, but some stuff needs to be pointed out here.  V.P. Joe Biden was answering a woman's question on home defense by saying "buy a shotgun".  What follows is a bunch of poorly trained people, mostly women, mishandling shotguns.  This is purely deceptive and makes good gun owners seem like a bunch of idiots.  More after the jump.


So this video shows Uncle Joe recommending a double barrel shotgun for home defense.  It then shows a bunch of women and a man or two who were obviously not trained in how to properly use a weapon, fire shotguns and having problems with the guns kicking back.  It then cuts to Biden saying that you don't need an AR-15 because it's harder to aim and harder to use.  It then cuts to a woman holding an AR-15 properly and not having a problem firing it.  Now, this where I take exception.  First off, accusing our V.P. of "lying" is outrageous, and if you'd like to challenge me on that issue, one of us is going to walk away with a busted lip.  Second, yes, it was easier for the woman to fire the AR-15...but we have no idea if she was able to hit what she was firing at.  Trust me, I would rather face an AR-15 than a shotgun.

All the V.P. was trying to express is that a shotgun, no doubt due to it's huge spray pattern, makes a better home defense weapon.  If you're scared, shaky, or maybe the lights are dim or something, it would be FAR EASIER for someone to tag their target with a shotgun.  I don't care if you're a highly trained sniper, in a home defense situation when you're dealing with someone in a closed space, the shotgun wins every time.

There are still many rational pro and anti gun messages out there that need to be heard. This one is a crock of crap that tries to influence those people not willing to use their noggin's (even the comments below the video point out that the people firing shotguns were OBVIOUSLY not properly trained and in most cases not even holding their guns properly).

Gun owners. If you want to be heard, have some respect for the people you are talking to, and some respect for the firearms themselves.  This video makes YOU, not the V.P., look like liars and idiots.


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