The last time I saw Guns N' Roses was way back in 1992 with Metallica at Texas Stadium; since then, the band has obviously had a serious makeover, yet I think the coolest member of the band definitely has to be guitarist DJ Ashba. Click through to check out an interview I did with him earlier today.

Ashba and I discussed everything from the carnage in Moore from yesterday's EF-5 tornado to Guns N' Roses to Pam cooking spray, yes...Pam.

The interview which hits the 13-minute mark, was easily one of the coolest I've ever done due to the fact that Ashba is humble, has no problems in telling you success takes actual work, and his overall sense of professionalism. I fully respect Ashba, especially because of his work ethic and desire to succeed.

Kids, take note: to become a self-made man or woman, you have to dig in the trenches for a while. Ashba recalls eating ramen noodles and saving every penny he could, though he says he never asked for money. He earned it through work. That's what it takes, and now more than ever, you have to work extremely hard to be successful.

Ashba will join his bandmates in Guns N' Roses on Saturday, June 1 at the Lone Star Amphitheater. Be sure to grab your tickets and come out and see this once-in-a-lifetime kind of show.

Check out the unedited interview...

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