Gwar has written a new song for "The Dan Patrick Show" entitled "Wheel Of Punishment" which will be used for a new segment for the show.

I will never forget when I was watching "The Dan Patrick Show" and I saw hanging on the wall in his studio was the mask of Gwar front man "Oderus Urungus." Now this isn't something you see every day the mask of Oderus, let alone on "The Dan Patrick Show" but come to find out that they are bros!


I mean I knew Oderus Urungus was a HUGE Washington Redskins fan, but I always thought that was it. It is really cool to see "The Dan Patrick Show" continue to support Gwar and Oderus Urungus and metal in general.

Check out the video and the new song by Gwar at the 3 minute 45 second mark and let me know what you think.