New Era Caps, a hat company that specializes in sports hats, put out a line of hats yesterday that were supposed to highlight the local markets of Major League Baseball teams.

Here's an overview.

The problem with these hats is that they have generic clipart borderline emojis that barely reflect the markets they are attempting to reflect. The reaction on social media was equal parts savage and swift.

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Like how they look like something you'd get out of the custom machine at the Lids kiosk at the mall when you were 12.

Now, New Era, six pieces of flair is the minimum. Do you want to just do the minimum?

The callback to the Thom Brennaman on-air apology from last season is elite.

Cleveland's the home of Rock n' Roll. Let's toss an acoustic guitar on the hat!

The social media blowback was so bad, New Era pulled the hats.

Like, the hats were live to buy via, and then they took them off the website because they were bullied so bad.

If you missed the hats before they were pulled and want to see the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros hats from every angle, I got screenshots.

Here they are in all their glory.

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