Is there a rock or metal album you think was maligned or overlooked upon release, but that is actually better than expected now that the dust has settled? What's the first one that comes to mind?

After all, hindsight is always going to be 20/20. As much as a rock and metal listener might think a band's newest album is their best — not to mention what the artist thinks of it — time can still be unkind to it, especially if the effort's songs don't stick with the core fan base.

But the reverse also can be true. There are a ton of albums full of songs that deserve to be celebrated now — at least, a lot more than they were when they first came out. We'll admit that some may not be absolute masterpieces, but they still deserve a second look from us metalheads.

Ready to rock? Have a scroll through the 10 albums listed below, and see if you agree that these particular rock and metal records may be due for a reappraisal from astute music lovers.

10 Hated Rock + Metal Albums That Are Better Than You Remember

Think these rock and metal albums are reviled? Take a trip down memory lane with some records that may hold up better than you think.


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