Let's call this Throwback Thursday. This video is still one of the most viewed ones on the KFMX YouTube channel (subscribe now!) and it is BRUTAL.

Part of The RockShow's shtick when we first started out was Torture Tuesday. We put our feet in a box full of red ants, fired lancets into our foreheads and engaged in all sorts of jackassery (being hit with a skateboard deck was the worst for me).

Heathen stepped up his game with the help of Officer Greg Parrot.

Officer Parrot became a certified instructor of a new pepperball deliver system, so we asked him to try it out. This wouldn't have been so brutal except for two things, Heathen taking off his shirt and me encouraging the officer to "get closer."

Careful: this video does contain REAL BLOOD. These things sting just a bit. I can also tell you that Heathen still has a scar from being shot with this thing.

This video was originally uploaded in October 2010 and, as of May 12, 2016 it has 88,224 views on YouTube.

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